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Girl Scout cookie season kicks off with new cookie flavor

Girl Scout cookie season kicks off in 2020 with a brand new cookie flavor that comes with a message.

Girl Scout cookie season is here, and this year, there’s a brand new cookie flavor with an empowering message. It’s called Lemon-Up, and each cookie is stamped with a positive affirmation. “I am a Leader”, “I am Creative”, “I’m a Go-Getter”, and “I am Gutsy” are some of the messages you’ll find on the cookies.

The Lemon-Up’s, along with your other popular favorites, are now for sale. Each box goes to a good cause, which each Girl Scout troop chooses together.

“My personal goal is 1,000 boxes,” said Amanda Browning, a Cadet Girl Scout in Madison. “So far, I’m doing pretty well. I have sold 250. What my troop will be doing with the cookie proceeds is collect donations to help veterans with PTSD and equine horse therapy.”

“The skills the girls are learning at this time are propelling them through their high school years and beyond,” said Allie Hulcher, Communications Manager for Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama. “They are learning essential life and business skills. They are also earning funds to support their Girl Scout adventures throughout the rest of the year.”

Beginning on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to purchase Girl Scout cookies from booths at local grocery stores, such as Kroger. If you would like to pre-order cookies, you can call the Girl Scouts at 1-800-734-4541.

For those who need to stick to health resolutions for the New Year but would still like to support the Girl Scouts, Browning and Hulcher suggest purchasing cookies and donating them to a local group.

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