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Five million dollar training facility coming to Huntsville

Huntsville city officials approve building a five million dollar training facility for first responders.
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A new training facility for Huntsville first responders is in the works.

The facility will be built at the south end of Triana Boulevard in South Huntsville. City council approved this about five million dollar project unanimously, during Thursday’s city council meeting.

Huntsville’s police and fire departments’ training facilities have bounced around the city multiple times this decade. Now city officials are investing about five million dollars on a new 18 acre training facilities for both departments at the south end of Triana Boulevard. They say it will benefit the city in two ways.

Huntsville city councilman, Bill Kling, represents Huntsville’s fourth district. He says, “Better service for our citizens, because we have better trained personnel. Also we’re probably going to recoup some of that money back by other communities coming down and using our facility for training.”

Right now, Huntsville Police and Huntsville Fire departments are using space at the old Johnson High School. While they say the classroom space is adequate, what they need is that hands-on experience a drill field can provide.

Chief Mac McFarlen of Huntsville’s fire department, says, “To train real world as far as how we’re going to ventilate that building to get the smoke out, how we’re going to actually tote that much hose and equipment up the stairs. You just have to really be able to do it to know what’s going to work, what’s not going to work.”

The plan is to build a small city on the 18 acres complete with fire hydrants, stop signs and power lines to recreate real world scenarios, and keep it away from houses so when they have fires and heavy smoke, no neighbors think they’re in danger.

Councilman Kling expects the project to take about three or four years to construction. The money for the new facility will come from the capital budget.