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Family Care Fair connects low income families to vital community resources

Many low income students have additional needs their schools can't support.

Many low income students have additional needs their schools can’t support.

Many of the students who attend Walnut Grove Elementary are economically disadvantaged. Tonight the school hosted a Family Care Fair to  make them aware of community programs of all kinds. 

“It’s very difficult for some of our families, raising a child in today’s economy and trying to make sure they have everything they need,” said Tracey Wray, Principal of Walnut Grove Elementary.

Walnut Grove Elementary is a Title 1 school. “Many of our families are economically disadvantaged and they come with problems that we can’t necessarily address during the school day, or locally at our school,” explained Wray.

Tonight those students and their parents were invited to a Family Care Fair, where more than a dozen community organizations provided them with information on ways they can receive help. 

“Throughout the year we may have students or families that have lost their housing and they want to stay in the area. They want to continue to go to school. So, it’s beneficial to have a community partner to match them with low income housing to allow them to stay,” Wray added. 

The Crisis Services of North Alabama provides various community resources and assistance.

“Help with food assistance, rent assistance, utility assistance. If a family or a single parent needs clothing for their infant or young child, school supplies, mental health resources,” explained Ian Krueger, Prevention Educator. 

Also in attendance was Kid One Transport. They say many people don’t know they exist. 

“Kid One Transport, transports families who do not have a vehicle or transportation to be able to take to the doctor,” said Darryl Townsend, driver for Kid One Transport.

The principal said she hopes to make Family Care Fair an annual event.