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Emergency responders hoping App helps in life-saving efforts

Madison County introduced the "PulsePoint App" that helps victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

There is an app for just about everything, including lifesaving resources.

Wednesday, Madison County introduced the “PulsePoint App” that helps victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Minutes matter when someone is in cardiac arrest and Emergency Responders in Madison County are hoping an app will help assist in their efforts to save lives.  

It is free for anyone to download.

Its purpose, to help provide life-saving assistance ahead of first responders arrival.

“It’s primary mission is to help raise awareness for the need for early CPR for the victims of sudden Cardiac Arrest,” said Jon Howell.

“It’s such a great idea,” said Megan Carter.

How the app works, if you are in a public place, like a mall and someone has a heart attack an alert is sent from the 911 center to citizens trained in hands-only CPR.

“I would be devastated if I was eating dinner right next door and didn’t know that something was happening and knowing that I could have done something,” said Carter.

One of the benefits of using this app, you do not have to be CPR certified.

“That’s something that PulsePoint points out that they highly encourage that someone be certified, but if they know CPR that’s better than nothing at all,” said Chris Tucker.

The app also allows users to locate AEDs.

If you’re looking to get CPR training, you can contact the American Heart Association red cross or local first responders like HEMSI or Madison Fire and Rescue.