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ELM Foundation announcing Community Connections Project

The ELM Foundation announcing Community Connections Project

ELM stands for “Expect Little Miracles,” and that’s exactly what the organization is doing for the Huntsville community.
Jennie Robinson, with the ELM Foundation, said, “We work with people who are doing the very, very best they can and who still have barriers and obstacles to try and bridge the gap between their ability to being able to live an independent life and move forward in their lives.”

Charisma Bailey, an ELM participant, said that she met the members of the ELM Foundation four years ago right out of high school. 

“Starting college, it was a struggle, and I was working part time and going to school part time, so the ELM Foundation came in and swept me off of my feet,” said Bailey.

ELM received a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville‘s Women’s Endowment for its Community Connections project that will make it easier for local organizations to work together to refer those who need help.
Jennie Robinson explained that they are not only going to help the agencies be more effective, but they are also going to help reduce duplication of services. Robinson believes this will be a tremendous benefit to funders.

Participants say they are grateful for the connections and relationships they have formed through the ELM Foundation.

“Everything that I have gained from ELM Foundation, I’m going to take it with me on my journey of life,” said Bailey.

Every donation to the ELM Foundation goes directly to help the participants.

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