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Election Day is almost here: Meet your Board of Education Candidates for Madison Co.

Alabama ranks next to last in public education. We sat with the Madison County District 3 candidates and asked the questions you want answers to.


Alabama is one of the lowest ranking states in the nation in public education. We sat down with the District 3 Board of Education Candidates. We asked them what changes they think they can bring. 

According to the U.S News and World Report, Alabama ranks next to last in public education. Alabama in at #49 primary education, and #47 in higher education. 

Alabama is dead last in public school math. 

We asked the Madison County District 3 candidates about their plans if elected into office. 

Our reporter asked, "What specific challenges do you think we face in terms of public education here in Alabama?".

Madison County District 3 Board of Education candidate, Howell Lee says, “Money. That’s the life blood. Unfortunately, that's the way of the world. But we’ve got to put more into education.” 

Madison County District 3 Board of Education candidate, Brian Brooks, responds to the same question by saying, “You know we have great colleges that mean a lot. But the schools are graduating kids that are not college-ready. 

Parents may have concerns about our education system. We asked the candidates, "How important are those concerns to you as the potential District 3 Board of Education member?"

Brian Brooks said, “I share their same concerns because I am a parent of District 3 kids. Like I said, I went to school in District 3. I graduated from District 3 schools, so I know the needs of our district.” 

Howell Lee responded, “We have a very well educated work force and parents in this county, who, unlike some locations.. They demand that their child’s classes and curriculum match up with the best.” 

Because of Alabama’s low national education rating, there are a lot of areas for improvement. How will the board decide which issues are most important? 

Howell Lee says, “Math and Science is priority here in Huntsville as far as curriculum.”

Brian Brooks responds, “Core safety should be on all 5 board members and the Superintendents, daily.” 

We asked the candidates, "What are your views on special education? What challenges do you think we face here in District 3 regarding special education?"

Howell Lee tells us, “They need to be receiving the same education, the same training, the same involvement and amount of time as the mainstream students. And we are behind. The whole state of Alabama is behind on that.” 

Brian Brooks says, “We can always improve everything. I mean, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing. We always need to improve on everything and make sure the special education kids have what they need.” 

Election day is on Tuesday, March 3. 

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