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Victoria Komara is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Victoria Komara is a second grade teacher at Hampton Cove Elementary School.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For one teacher, Hampton Cove Elementary School is her home away from home. Each day she walks in she’s bubbling with excitement to teach her kids something new.

Meet this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher, Victoria Komara!

The kids in Victoria Komara’s class; “Keep me going every day, and I love teaching them something new and they’re excited to learn every day.”

“That’s what keeps me going as well. We try to play fun games. We keep things exciting,” added Komara.

This school year for the Hampton Cove Elementary School teacher would be what some would say a ‘lucky one’. “This is my seventh year teaching in general. I taught at Holy Spirit for two years. I’ve been here for the last five years.”

Komara’s desire for teaching goes back to her time in school. “My second-grade teacher actually, and funny I teach second grade. Her name is Mrs. Lewis and she just really put her heart and soul into teaching and that’s just what made me want to become a teacher,” said Komara.

That heart and soul for teaching trickled down to Komara. Just ask Principal Lakeeta Perkins.

“Ms. Komara is a joy to work with,” said Perkins.

“She has very high expectations. She’s a very happy teacher. She loves to help. Anything I ask her to do she’ll do. If kids need extra help she’s willing to stay after school. She goes the extra mile for Hampton Cove and Hampton Elementary,” said Perkins.

Komara will go that extra mile, and along the way, there are some hurdles. “No it doesn’t, but it also it’s just amazing to have other teachers who support you and work with you and you can go and vent to them and we’re on the same page. We’re all in this together which really helps too.”

“I just love Hampton Cove and my kids and my principal, and everything!” said Komara.

Her love for this school is so strong, she plans on sticking around, for a little while. “I never see myself leaving the classroom. Knock on wood. You never know, but I would love to be a teacher for the rest of my life,” she said.


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