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Mrs. Suzann Peppers in the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Peppers educates her kids to prepare them for health care careers, all while teaching them the life lessons of positivity and hard work.

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. — The first thing you'll notice in Mrs. Suzann Peppers' classroom at Marshall Technical School is probably all the fake hospital patients, but the second thing you'll notice is her contagious enthusiasm for life and health care.

"I want them to know that I love what I'm doing and I am passionate about what I'm doing," shares Suzann Peppers, the Valley's Top Teacher. "And that encourages them, to show them that there is so much they can do in their lives and that anything is possible, as long as they believe in themselves and try hard."

"She is always so happy, so like it lights up the room," smiles Merabi Gijone, a junior student in her class. "Basically, if we are all down, she tries to hype us up as much as she can."

Mrs. Peppers has been the Health Science Instructor for nine years, but before that she was a Registered Nurse at Marshall Medical Center South. This job was not in her plans, but she was actually recommended for it, which she says was a blessing.

"I came and interviewed and then she called me a couple days later and offered me the job and I have been here ever since!" exclaims Mrs. Peppers. "It is kind of like God's way of saying this is what you are supposed to be doing."

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Students in her class are studying to enter all sorts of health care careers, from doctors to dental hygienists. She tries to help students find what they are passionate about and then prepares them for their career paths.

"She's like the best teacher I have ever met in my whole life, like she motivates me so much," says Merabi.

"She is a very great teacher and she helps us a lot to know more about the future," explains Paola Velazquez, a Junior student. "And she teaches really great because she makes it stick to my head, so I can know for future purposes."

They are always doing hands on activities, high tech simulations, and presentations. But for Mrs. Peppers, health care is not the only knowledge she wants her kids to leave with.

"I also want to teach them a little about life, that if we are happy and positive no matter what situation we are in, that we can overcome a lot of obstacles that are in our life," says Mrs. Peppers.

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