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Rachel Nelson is FOX54's Top Teacher!

Rachel Nelson has been teaching Kindergarten for four years.

MADISON, Ala. — She's been called ‘sweet’, a 'dream teacher', and a  'true blessing'.

All of these words and more describe the next teacher we're about to meet!

She teaches kindergarten in Madison, and her energy for education is what's taking her students far!

Here's this week's Top Teacher from Rainbow Elementary School, Rachel Nelson!

"I've taught fifth-grade first grade and pre-K. Kindergarten is my favorite," said Nelson.

Kindergarten, Nelson’s favorite grade level, it's what she’s taught for four years. Nelson knows just how important it is to be a teacher at this stage."Kindergarten is the foundation year for building that love for learning and instilling a love for learning .. Just sets the scene for the rest of their career and it's just so great. I love being a kindergarten teacher."

Her principal, Karl Fernandez, can tell she loves what she does.

"Miss Nelson, since I've been here since my third year at Rainbow Elementary is principal and she has always been very, very passionate about what she does in the classroom but she has a very down-to-earth and positive attitude," said Fernandez.

However, Nelson does understand the challenges her students face. "A lot of them come in just knowing it's a blank slate. And so seeing all those little light bulbs go off throughout the year and seeing where would they end up at the end of the year. It's just amazing."

She knows teachers can have their challenges too, but there's something on the other side of those challenges.

“So I think it's a hard time right now to be a teacher. There's a lot of challenges that we face in education, support wise it is just the most rewarding experience."

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