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Nathan List is FOX54's Top Teacher!

Nathan List has been teaching at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy for two years.

ATHENS, Ala. —     FOX54's Top Teacher is back! We start the year off with Lindsay Lane Christian Academy's, Nathan List. List switched careers in just two years. He's switched careers from working at the Redstone Arsenal to now working in a classroom teaching French, History, and Economics. He teaches some freshmen, and grades ten through twelve.

    "I worked for the Department of Defense as a civilian employee," said List. "There was a lot of prayer that went into it. But ultimately, it was a sense of, I want to know that I can go to work every day. And I don't feel a sense of this is not where I'm supposed to be."

    His passion is impacting young people!

    "I love life, right? And so, young people, teenagers, they're just beginning their lives and it's a very precious opportunity and responsibility for me to help guide them," said List.

    Jacob Plitsth, a Sophomore student, has had List for as long as List's been a teacher.

    "He kind of creates like a personal relationship, I guess with everybody so which is great," said Plitsth. "You know, I think every student here appreciates them a lot and loves him and cares for us so."

    Principal Katrina Williams is a witness to his impact. "We are really thankful to have him he made a huge impact on his statements last year. So he always has a minute to pour into a kid. He's full of good, godly advice for our students. And that's exactly what we want from our teachers here," said Williams.

    List is thankful to be making it to year two.

    "You know, it's worth the sacrifice. You know, investing in the next generation takes effort and patience and love, but they are worth the sacrifices," said List.

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