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Ms. Leta Hix is the Valley's Top Teacher

Ms. Hix teaches AP Government to seniors at Saint John Paul II Catholic High School.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Ms. Leta Hix is the Valley's Top Teacher. She's been teaching for fourteen years, and makes learning about political science fun for her students. 

"This is my second career so I'm as surprised as anyone that I'm teaching now, and especially high school kids," Ms. Hix explains. "But, I find that they're so curious." 

Before changing career paths to be a high school teacher, Ms. Hix worked at C-Span. She was in the television industry for over 25 years. 

Ms. Hix loves teaching high school students because they're not afraid to give her in-person evaluations. 

"Now they're live and they give you immediate feedback instead of waiting for the ratings to come out," Ms. Hix said. 

The ratings are in, and her students love her class. Even her newer students have noticed how much they enjoy learning about political science from Ms. Hix. 

"Ms. Hix is so kind and funny, I've only had here for this past month, but I can already tell she's going to be one of my favorite teachers," Senior, Lauren Grace Acupan said. "She's hilarious, she makes sure that we are learning and actually understanding what we're doing."

Ms. Hix uses a hands-on approach to teaching political science. 

 "She kind of allows us to make the connections ourselves, which is one of my favorite parts about one of my favorite teachers," Senior Michael Durant said.

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