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Ms. Caroline Chisler is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Caroline Chisler has been teaching as a Developmental Preschool Teacher at Endeavor Elementary School for nearly three years.

MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA, Ala. — We know just how important it is for kids to get an early start on their education, and a teacher at Endeavor Elementary is committed to making sure her students are given the care and are equipped with what they need to succeed!

Meet this week's Valley's Top Teacher, Caroline Chisler!

Caroline Chisler’s calling for teaching students with special needs is almost a birthright.

“My mom has taught special-ed for 30 plus years. And so I just grew up kind of plugging myself into her classroom after school every day wanting to go and help prepare things for her class,” said  Developmental Preschool Teacher, Caroline Chisler.

However, it’s not just her mom who has influenced her.

“I also have family members and close friends of mine with special needs and I just found a love for working with students," said Chisler.

Chisler is inching toward three years as a teacher, and in that time, like a lot of teachers, she faced the challenges of COVID.

“So I was here, December 2019 to about March, and it was just hard because I'm so passionate about this position and my students and so it was really hard taking a break from them and not getting to spend that time with them,” added Chisler.

“But then just coming back and being here and - having them in the classroom has been really great,” she said.  

“They bring a smile to my face, and they're just a joy to be around,” said Chisler. 

Chisler’s feelings on being recognized as a teacher? “It's amazing. I'm shocked. It's hard to have words. It's just amazing. It's just super special.”



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