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Mrs. Webster is the Valley's Top Teacher

LaTasha Webster teaches first grade at Monrovia Middle School.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — This week's Valley's Top Teacher works at Monrovia Middle School as a first grade teacher.

LaTasha Webster was nominated by her best friend Nakita Adams. Once Mrs. Webster realized it was her friend that nominated her, she was moved to tears. 

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"I very shocked because I don't ever win anything and then that's a huge accomplishment for somebody to nominate me... that's a lot," Mrs. Webster said.

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Principal Renee Headen says she deserves the recognition and so much more. 

"We see you working daily, you're one of the most hardworking teachers that I've ever known and its a privilege to be working with you," Headen said to Mrs. Webster. 

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The theme of Mrs. Webster's class is "Webster's Café," inspired by the popular coffee chain Starbucks. Her favorite drink is a hot white chocolate mocha. 

The fun environment of her classroom inspires students to come back and visit her. First-grader Genae Cain says that when she moves on to second grade, she'll still visit Mrs. Webster. 

"She's a good teacher and like I wouldn't leave her behind and now give her a hug or say hi or anything," Cain said. 

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"It's the after effect," said Mrs. Webster. "I have children from many moons ago and they come back and they see me, tell me how I've influenced their lives and how they remember the things I've done for them, things we did in class, different things that I've taught them and how they've carried it over even into college. So, it's rewarding."

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