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Mrs. Veronika Gerhold is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Gerhold uses her creativity to always keep learning fun for her kids.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — For four years our Valley's Top Teacher in Huntsville has been encouraging her kids and showing them they can reach their goals, all while having fun.

There is always a lot to celebrate in the second grade class of Mrs. Veronika Gerhold at McDonnell Elementary School. Even with the year starting virtual, her kids always knew there would be reasons to smile when they logged into class!

"We celebrate everything, like even if it is just me printing a piece of paper and just showing them it on the screen, whether it is a big moment, or a little moment," smiles Mrs. Gerhold, the Valley's Top Teacher.

Part of the fun of Mrs. Gerhold's class is all of the hands-on activities. Although it may not be the same as before COVID, like in some of the pictures shown above, Mrs. Gerhold is getting creative and even found ways to do hands on learning during virtual school - using things like candy and cereal.

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"We are always touching stuff and feeling stuff. When we add, we are physically adding objects," explains Mrs. Gerhold. "So what do they have at home that I have at home? Or what do I have at school that they can replicate at home?"

This year has called for some extra work, but Mrs. Gerhold says it is all worth it to watch her kids reach their goals and grow. She says her favorite part about teaching is when they have those light bulb moments.

"When you can see they get it. So like they're frustrated because they don't get it and then all of the sudden it just clicks," says Mrs. Gerhold, with a glimmer in her eye. "They get so excited and they are so proud of themselves, and you get to be there to see that moment."

Mrs. Gerhold is constantly encouraging her kids. She says being a teacher is more than math and reading lessons. She wants her kids to know she cares for them and is always cheering them on.

"To me that is the most important thing," she shares. "If they know that I love them, they are going to try harder and they are going to want to impress me. So for them to know that I love them and that we are going to celebrate when they get it, that excites them more, and if they do know at the end, when they do get it, that there is going to be a reward or something."

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