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Mrs. Trina Clark is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Trina Clark has been teaching at Speake School for 23 years and looks forward to seeing her students every single day.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala — When you think of someone who truly loves what they do, you think of Mrs. Trina Clark. 

"I have been teaching 23 years and all 23 years have been at Speake," smiles Mrs. Clark, the Valley's Top Teacher 

In a community as small Speake, she has been the first grade teacher for a whole lot of people, and says she would not want it any other way. This tight-knit community is everything to her. 

"I am actually teaching children, that I taught their parents. So when they seem thrilled that you are their teacher, it is just a good feeling," shares Mrs. Clark.

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Kids say she makes class fun and that she is the best teacher a first grader could ever ask for. Although this year has changed a few things, Mrs. Clark rewards her kids for their good work and keeps class interactive. 

"You would have a day that you could bring something from home to share, or I have a loft in my room," explains Mrs. Clark. "Then they can do their work in the loft or they could sit at the teacher's desk."

Mrs. Clark works to create a classroom where her kids feel safe and loved. 

"I have kids all the day that tell me how much they love me during the day, it is like 'Mrs. Clark I love you!' and it just makes all of the work, especially this year, more rewarding," she says with a smile. 

All that love between Mrs. Clark and her kids is what keeps her working long hours each day to care for them the best that she can.

"My husband used to say I worked for hugs because I was always doing something at home for my kids," laughs Mrs. Clark. 

She loves watching her students grow up and give back to the community. She wants them to always stay positive and believe in themselves. 

"I just really want them to realize that whatever they set their mind to, that they can do it."

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