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Mrs. Tate is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Mrs. Tate has taught first-grade teachers at Mt. Carmel Elementary School for fifteen years.

MT CARMEL, Ala. — Teachers wear many hats including educators and nurturers. One teacher in Mt. Carmel caters to her students like they are her own children.

She’s bent on building her community and breaking cycles, and for parents in Mt. Carmel, she’s so nice they nominated her twice!

Meet this Week’s Valley’s Top Teacher, Mt. Carmel Elementary School's very own, Mrs. Mary Tate!

“I've been teaching for a long time. I opened the school. I was one of the original teachers that opened Mt. Carmel. When we got here, there's only, like two of us left,” said Mrs. Tate.

Every year, Mrs. Tate has welcomed a new class of first graders for fifteen years. This community is close to home for her.

"I grew up in New Market. I went to school at New Market. I'm 'Buckhorn Buck'. And I'm a community person. I had to go home. I had to go home and do what was done for me," she said.

Mrs. Tate knew teaching was her calling when she was once a student.

“I grew up in the projects, and I had teachers that said, 'You do this you win. You do this, they can't stop you. You do this you won't be in the cycle. Break the cycle.' I broke the cycle. And now I'm breaking cycles and I'm helping children climb to where they can go."

Tate knows teaching goes beyond the walls of her classroom.

"When their parents know them my number one job and my number one goal is to make sure they are successful. And they know when they walk in here on orientation day. Like you said, you're a hugger. I hug every one of them because those parents become part of my family." 

Thank you Mrs.Tate for all that you do! 

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