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Mrs. Sarah Parker is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Sarah Parker has taught at Moulton Middle School for two years.

MOULTON, Ala. — One teacher is willing to cross county lines to educate her students. In fact, she says Moulton Middle School is where she finds comfort.

Meet this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher Mrs. Sarah Parker!

Teaching is fairly new for Parker. “This is my second year. This is my second career,” 

Although it’s her second career, English was always her first. “An English degree/teaching degree requires lots of papers and so you know you can’t tell a 20-year-old anything so I switched to business because I guess I thought statistics would be easier than writing papers.”

Parker believes the subject is needed in every walk of our life.

“Truth of the matter is you gotta learn it, even if you go work in the industrial environment you need to write a resume. You need to be able to spell properly. You need to be able to speak properly in an interview,” said Parker.

She knows English isn’t the most fun subject. “Even the best English teacher has to admit that English is a boring subject and it’s hard, especially when you’ve come in and you missed years of grammar and so I try to make it fun,” said Parker.

Principal Michael Hathorn said from that fun she fosters a bond between students.

“It doesn’t surprise me. She does a really good job of building relationships with her students,” said Hathorn.

So it was painful for Parker when she lost one of her students recently. “Mo is just special. He was just full of life and you couldn’t help but love him.” 

“I have my heart.  And I can’t talk about it without crying because I love them,” said Hathorn.

Her love is just enough to keep her going. “Even the days that’s a struggle, I’d rather be here than anywhere else, other than my home with my kids. I’d rather be here. This is my comfort. This is my place.”


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