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Mrs. Sabrina Gore Wins Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Gore teaches 6th through 12th graders at Fyffe Special Services.

FYFFE, Ala. — The classroom of Mrs. Sabrina Gore at Fyffe Special Services may be one of the most cheerful places to be.

"These students love coming to school, they love school," shares Mrs. Gore, the Valley's Top Teacher. "They just come in smiling, and just to see them smiling and to see them taking little steps."

"I love school," shares one student.

These 6th through 12th graders love school because they love their teacher.

"I love Mrs. Gore," shares a student.

"Mrs. Gore is the best teacher in the whole world," says another student, with a smile.

Mrs. Sabrina Gore started as an aide at the school, but after realizing it was her calling - she went back to school to get a special education degree. She has now been teaching for four years.

"It's pretty much my life," says Mrs. Gore of her job as a teacher. "I mean I do have a life outside of here, but they are a huge part of my life, and a huge impact on it also."

And she makes a huge impact on the lives of her students. These kids get to stay with her until they are 21-years-old. She has her students for six to eight years and gets to watch them grow every step of the way. Parents say she is a God-sent, and her kids agree.

"Mrs. Gore is a wonderful teacher," says one girl on her device that let's her communicate.

"Mrs. Gore is number one," adds another student.

"As you noticed, some of my students use communication devices," says Mrs. Gore. "They have come a long way, they are able to talk to us and tell us how their day has been. It has just been a really great experience."

They learn a lot of academics in Mrs. Gore's class, but they also learn a lot of skills to help them take care of themselves for when they are out of school.

"Life skills to me is one of the biggest parts, once they have those life skills, they are able to do some things for themselves," says Mrs. Gore.

Mrs. Gore teaches her kids all sorts of lessons, but she says there is a lesson that all of us can learn. To accept people and don't be afraid to approach someone who is a little different than you.

"My students are just like any other students," says Mrs. Gore. "They want to be friends with everybody, they want to feel loved."

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