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Mrs. Robbie Ross is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Robbie Ross in Guntersville has been a nurse for fifteen years. She is now sharing her knowledge with her students at Marshall Technical School.

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Training the next generation of health care workers is something Mrs. Robbie Ross at Marshall Technical School has been doing for the past two years, but she has been a nurse for the past fifteen years.

"I bring in my life experiences," explains Mrs. Robbie Ross, the Valley's Top Teacher. "I can bring in scenarios with teaching whatever I need to teach."

She is the Health Science teacher and is also a nurse at Marshall Medical Center South, but her experience is not all she is known for.

"She is always happy when you see her, she is always positive," shares Cyleena Chambers, an 11th grade student. "I mean, when we are not in school, it sucks, because Mrs. Ross literally makes my day."

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"If you keep a positive outlook, you have a better day," says Mrs. Ross.

Her students say they can go to her for anything. Mrs Ross makes sure they feel comfortable to ask questions and be themselves.

"I want them to feel at ease when I am teaching," shares Mrs. Ross. "I want them to be able to interact with me and feel good about it. So I like to make them laugh."

"I'm usually a shy person, I don't really talk to people, but in Mrs. Ross's classroom, I love to talk, like all the time," laughs Kyra Magrum, an 11th grade student.

Not only is she teaching her students how to help people in the medical field, she also just wants to show them the importance of being a good person.

"I want them to be honest, to have good integrity, to learn everything they can learn to be better people," says Mrs. Ross.

"She inspires me to be a better person," shares Kyra. "The way she teaches makes me want to go out there in the medical field and be like her. Just to help people and be as kind as I can."

There is no doubt that Mrs. Ross's students see her as a role model and an inspiration. They say they would not want to learn from anyone else.

"Anyone who has ever had Mrs. Ross, they can all say that they love her to death," smiles Cyleena.

"Mrs. Ross is such a down-to-earth person, she is so humble and kind, we love her," shares Kyra.

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