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Mrs. Michelle Hood is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Michelle Hood at Brooks Elementary School creates a place where her students feel comfortable to grow and build confidence.

KILLEN, Ala. — Mrs. Michelle Hood started at Brooks Elementary School in Killen last spring. Even though the pandemic made it a tough time to start, being with her sixth graders is exactly what she feels called to do. 

"I've always liked kids, I've always liked being at school and I really, really like middle schoolers," shares Michelle Hood, the Valley's Top Teacher. "I just I feel like that's where I need to be."

Parents say their kids look up to Mrs. Hood because she makes them feel confident in themselves. Even if a student is struggling to learn, she will work with them until the subject becomes more clear. 

"That's what I try to do. I try to make them feel comfortable, where they can come to me and ask me questions and they're more willing to take chances and things," she says. 

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Mrs. Hood wants her classroom to be a safe place that fosters love, so she makes it feel like a second home. 

"I try to decorate my room where it's calming and I just talk to them, just like I'm talking to you right now," says Mrs. Hood. "Just let them know that it's okay to make mistakes."

She puts a big focus on getting to know her students, to help them grow as scholars and as humans. 

"I try to go to their games and their different things that they have outside of school. You get to see a whole another side of them," she says. 

Mrs. Hood has two of her own kids at home, but says thanks to being teacher, she now has a whole bunch of kids. She wants parents to know that she will make sure their child is cared for, always.

"Their child is going to be loved and they're going to be loved for who they are and, you know, we're going to get our school stuff done," says Mrs. Hood. "And, you know, I love them."

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