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Mrs. Lisa Davis Wins Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Lisa Davis has been teaching for nineteen years and creates a safe place for kids to grow.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — "Complete shock, I didn't know what to think," laughs Mrs. Lisa Davis, about winning the Valley's Top Teacher. "Very honored though."

Mrs. Davis at Williams Middle School in Huntsville may have been surprised to find out she was the Valley's Top Teacher, but to her kids it was no shock - they describe her as one of the very best.

"She's nice, sweet, funny, creative," says Kyla Mitchell, a sixth grade student.

"That's the best compliment that you can get coming from eleven and twelve year olds, just be kind! Kindness matters," says Mrs. Davis.

She shows kindness and grace to her kids every day. Parents say she is a huge reason their kids have overcome struggles in school.

"She talks to us one on one about some math problems and helps us understand it," says Stephen Johnson, a sixth grade student.

"The look on their face when they are like 'Oh, I get it now.' That is great, that is wonderful, that is like the best," says Mrs. Davis with a big smile.

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Not only does she make math interactive and fun, she makes school a place where kids want go. A place where they feel special and important.

"She is soft, she is respectful," says Kyla.

"She is nice and caring," adds Stephen. "She helps all the students and does fun things for us."

Division and multiplication are both in the curriculum, but in Mrs. Davis' class "kindness" is one of the most important skills she teaches her kids.

"Sometimes when we are eleven and twelve years old, those are some of the things that we struggle with, how to be kind to one another. Everyone deserves a second chance," says Mrs. Davis.

She always gives her kids a second chance, working with each of them, to reach their full potential. That is what she wants them to know each day they come to her class.

"Just that they are loved and accepted for who they are, no matter where they are in their mathematical abilities," shares Mrs. Davis.

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