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Mrs. Kelsey Cooper is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Cooper was awarded $25,000 for the Milken Educator Award.

MADISON, Alabama — Mrs. Kelsey Cooper teaches eighth grade math at Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama. 

Mrs. Cooper won a free trip to California and $25,000 from the Milken Educator Family Foundation. 

Her exceptional teaching skills have been recognized by her students, fellow teachers, and the entire school system. 

The Alabama State Superintendent has noticed her dedication to her students and appreciates her ability to give back to her community. 

Dr. Mackey says, "My best words for Mrs. Cooper are, thank you for every day getting up, coming to work, investing in children, and committing yourself to do what's best for the children of this school and in this community." 

On the morning that she won the Milken Educator Award, Mrs. Cooper even brought her class donuts as a thank you gift. She's known by her students for her small acts of kindness.

"Mrs. Cooper is one teacher that always brings energy into the classroom every day," eighth-grader Arnag Maskey said. "She actually brought us donuts today because we helped her out with another class, and she's one of those teachers that the way she teaches is so unique." 

Mrs. Cooper is a mother, and she understands the role that teachers play in a child's development. Being a mother has made her a stronger teacher. She prides herself on doing the most she can for each student, and not giving up when things are tough. 

Congratulations to Kelsey Cooper for being named Valley's Top Teacher. 

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