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Mrs. Elizabeth Silvers is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Mrs. Elizabeth Silvers has been teaching full-time since 2009

HARTSELLE, Ala. — A teacher in Hartselle realizes her gift in teaching, and others see it too. In fact, another fellow teacher nominated her because of her ability to get kids to read!

Here's this week's Valley's Top Teacher from F. E. Burleson Elementary School, Mrs. Elizabeth Silvers!

Meet 4th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Silvers. However, she’s also known as “Libby", a nickname that goes back to her kindergarten days.

“My kindergarten teacher asked my mother to give me a nickname because Elizabeth went across the top and all the way down the side. I guess I wrote large!,” added Silvers.

Silvers love for teaching came when she took her own kids to school. She became a full-time teacher in 2009, and has taught ever since.

“The biggest lesson I had to learn from that.  I just thought everyone had the same gift. I thought everyone knew the same things that I did about what should be done or what was natural to do. And I learned that it's not necessarily natural for everyone and that I needed to appreciate God given me.”

Her peers say they see the love Silvers has for teaching.

“She is wonderful. The most important thing; she loves her kids. She loves her school. I'm usually one of the first ones here every morning. She beats me here every morning and she's the first one here and the last ones to leave. She works real hard,” said F. E. Burleson Elementary School Principal, Bryant Whitlock.

“I love what I do. But every morning we have a moment of silence. I just pray and ask God to let me see them through his eyes. Let me see what I need to do to help them not only academically but just emotionally. You know they have a  heart and kids don't care what you know until they know you care,” said Silvers.

If you have a teacher you'd like to nominate to be the Valley's Top Teacher, click here.

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