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Mrs. Dana Amert is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Dana Amert at Challenger Elementary School makes sure all of her kids know they are valued and cared for.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Mrs. Dana Amert has only been teaching elementary school for four months now, but she is already being recognized for making her students feel important and cared for.

Back when she was in elementary school, one of her teachers showed her how fun learning can be. Now she want's to share that love of reading and learning with her students at Challenger Elementary School in Huntsville.

"My goal is to just instill that love of learning in them as well, like my third-grade teacher did with me," shares Mrs. Dana Amert.

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While academics are a top priority, Mrs. Amert wants her kids to know they are special, unique, and that they all bring something to the table.

"For them to be able to learn while they are at school, they first need to feel safe," explains Mrs. Amert. "In order to feel safe, they need to understand that they belong there and they are accepted and I want them to be there."

Mrs. Amert is kind and patient with her students, and meets them where they're at, to help them grow and succeed.

"I do try to make sure that I make some time individually for each student as well, to make sure I am meeting each of their individual needs," says Mrs. Amert.

When her kids leave her class at the end of the year, she hopes they are ready to keep learning. But most of all, she hopes to build them up, so they feel confident and cared for when they enter the third grade.

"I just want them to all understand that they matter and that they are important," shares Mrs. Amert.

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