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Mrs. Courtney Osborn is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Courtney Osborn at Ridgecrest Elementary School goes above and beyond to make sure each of her Pre-K students know how important and special they are.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Mrs. Courtney Osborn in Huntsville has the biggest of hearts and cares for the smallest of students. She was happily surprised to find out that she had been nominated and selected to be the Valley's Top Teacher. 

"I am absolutely shocked! I know it has been such a crazy year that any recognition, or any just encouragement at this point, is wonderful to have," shares Mrs. Courtney Osborn, the Valley's Top Teacher. 

A crazy year indeed, especially for Pre-K teacher Mrs. Courtney Osborn who had a baby at the start of the school year and chose to teach her kids virtually, instead of taking maternity leave. She says she wanted to be there for her fellow teachers and, of course, for her kids.

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"My children at school are just like my children at home," says Mrs. Osborn. "They are important to me and I just want to make sure they get all the love and education that they can."

Mrs. Osborn has taught at Ridgecrest Elementary for eight years. She says she tries to treat her students like little humans by showing them love, kindness, and respect.

"They all have such little personalities that I love to pick out and figure out what makes you special, what makes you unique, what makes you interested in learning," says Mrs. Osborn.

She shows real interest in who her students are, which allows her to better connect with them.

"There is always the one boy who it's like 'You like Spiderman, okay, I have a Spiderman mask, I will wear my Spiderman mask just for you!' And then it is like well this little girl, she loves to sing, so we will make sure to play this song that I know you love," explains Mrs. Osborn. 

Parents say Mrs. Osborn truly cares about each of her kids and is also there to help families. Many of her students and their parents speak Spanish, so Mrs. Osborn has made it a point to use her Spanish skills to best communicate. 

"A lot of things we do in the classroom we will do in English one day and then we will sing the same song in Spanish the next day," says Mrs. Osborn. "Or I will give directions in English, and then I will give it again in Spanish, at least the first time, to make them make that connection."

Her main goal this year is to get her kids excited about learning! Despite the challenges of this year, she is doing everything in her power to give her kids the best year of Pre-K possible. 

"I know we can't play together like we used to play, and we can't do the hugs and the love that we usually do, but I have tried to incorporate as much as I can just to show them that we care and that school is a fun place, and that we can still learn and love on each other, even when we can't necessarily touch each other like we used to," shares Mrs. Osborn.

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