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Mrs. Beth Strickland Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” That is the quote that math teacher Mrs. Beth Strickland at Scottsboro High School lives by....

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” That is the quote that math teacher Mrs. Beth Strickland at Scottsboro High School lives by.

“The more I found that I can connect personally with a student, whether that is going to watch them play basketball or learning what it is that helps them learn. If I do that, then that student will engage in class a lot better and will be a much more effective learner,” shares Beth Strickland, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Understanding and compassionate are the two words the students use to describe Mrs. Strickland.

“If you mess up, she will just tell you what you did wrong and then help you fix it,” explains Paige Giles, a ninth grade student.

“She is always there for you,” shares Hudson Tubbs, a fellow ninth grader. “Like if something is going wrong in your life or anything, she is always the person that I would personally go to first.”

Her kids really look up to her. She empowers them and cares for them, even if they are misbehaving or not doing their work..

“She doesn’t like just go off on them, she tries to understand where they are coming from and tries to help them as much as she can,” says Tyson Sexton, ninth grade student. “She is one of the most kindest teachers I have had.”

“I try to figure out, you know a lot of times when I student might act out or might just be doing nothing, it may be because something is going on in their lives,” explains Mrs. Strickland. “So I try to figure out, what is going on that is causing this student to have this behavior at school.”

Not only does she show her kids love, she cares for them on an individual basis. Mrs. Jamie Batey, who is a Collaborative Special Education Teacher, says Mrs. Strickland goes the extra mile to help kids with disabilities and special needs. She says Scottsboro is blessed to have her.

“She stays here so late with the students, she is here first thing in the morning when she can,” says Jamie Batey, a Collaborative Special Education Teacher. “She has three children of her own, but she still makes time for every one of her students.”

She also knows how to speak in Spanish to help her students who do not speak fluent English.

“It is just neat because I form a special relationship with them because I can communicate with them a little bit better,” says Mrs. Strickland. “So that is something, since being in education, that I try to keep up and constantly do professional development on Spanish, and try to learn how to work with them a little bit better .”

It’s pretty evident that Mrs. Strickland would do just about anything to make sure her kids feel loved and important. She truly cares about the future of each of her kids and will always be there to cheer them on.

“I am always going to be someone who is on their side and someone who is willing to advocate for them in any situation,” says Mrs. Strickland, as tears fill her eyes. “I just want them to know that even if they don’t have that at home, that someone believes in them.”

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