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Mr. Marks is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mr. Lucas Marks has been teaching at Central High School for six years.

FLORENCE, Ala. — The Tennessee Valley is known for its science and technology, and one teacher in Florence is helping his students learn STEM by getting hands-on with robotics!

Meet this week's Valley's Top Teacher, Central High School's Mr. Lucas Marks!

"This is my sixth year of teaching out at Central," said Marks.

Marks said he grew up with a lot of farming equipment and machinery. It's what gave him the spark to translate what he knows to science, and now to students.

"Being able to pass on knowledge of how things work and seeing the kids get to enjoy doing something that's real life in robotics, we get to enjoy designing things and building things from scratch," said Marks.

His student, Central High School Junior Cole Jenkins, gives us a look at some of the projects the students do.

"We are building a 'Zebos'..."They made it an anagram of Bezos," said Jenkins.

"Basically we are building a robot that is moving things that will go to build another robot, in theory, if this was actual instead of just an example," added Jenkins. 

He also gives us a picture of what it's like having Marks as his teacher. "He's good at making sure we understand things hands-on, making sure we don't hurt anybody or ourselves."

"You know, he took over from a lady who did a wonderful job with our robotics program," added CHS Principal Duane Keener.

Keener said this program is great exposure to students beyond high school. "He is opening doors and opening these kids' eyes on that there are multiple things that they can do in the future by being in robotics."

"I love coming and being with kids. I always said that if I turn into one of those teachers that hates getting up to come to work every morning that I was going to quit and find something else to do, but just getting to see them learn and to be able do something that they enjoy," added Marks.

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