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Meet Mr. Cary Hurt, the Valley's Top Teacher

Cary Hurt teaches 12th grade economics at Grissom High School.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Mr. Cary Hurt is the Valley's Top Teacher. 

Hurt is a native Alabamian and an economics teacher at Grissom High School in South Huntsville. He was nominated by his twelfth grade student Grace Deep. Deep says before her, Mr. taught her mom and aunts.

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Jeanne Greer, the principal of Grissom High School said that Mr. Hurt also taught her when she went to Grissom. 

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"Mr. Hurt has been a great teacher here at Grissom, and when I came here as principal, he was also a very big help to me," Mrs. Greer explained. "He was here when I went to school here and so we've known each other for a very long time and he's just a wonderful colleague and leader at Grissom high school." 

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Mr. Hurt cares about his students and he wants to see the next generation succeed. 

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"Not only is Mr. Hurt a wonderful teacher here at Grissom high school but he has been here for a very long time and he does so many more things than just teaching," Mrs. Greer said. "He is our SGA (Student Government Association) sponsor, he's over our graduation, he really makes a good connection with all of our students." 

The Tennessee Valley is lucky to have such a devoted teacher like Mr. Hurt. 

"My job is what we call citizen transmission," Mr. Hurt said. "You have to know how to follow rules, how to get along with people because where else are you going to learn that? Because if you learn it in your family in your home, you learn it just that way and you don't know about what anybody else does, so that's the purpose of public education." 

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