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Meredith Gibbs is the Valley's Top Teacher

Meredith Gibbs of Monrovia Middle School has been teaching for nine years.

HARVEST, Ala. — One teacher from Monrovia Middle School brings out the best in her students when it comes to math. She says it’s a chance for them to crunch numbers, but also get very creative!

Meet this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher, Meredith Gibbs!

In Mrs. Gibbs's class, math goes a long way.

“I have been teaching for nine years, and I have actually taught everything except for science,” Gibbs said.

Over the years she’s learned her method to teaching math. “I know that there are a lot of different types of learners, and some people can just sit and get it. I have a lot of kids who are artistic and I have a lot of kids who, have to move around. And so adding those different elements into the lesson helps them to understand exactly what we’re doing here,” said Gibbs.

Her Principal, Keith Trawick, believes she meets that need.

“Mrs. Gibbs is one of those teachers that you never have to worry about, loving her kids, taking care of her kids, and knowing what her kids need,” Trawick said.

So Gibbs goes beyond the numbers and the notes.

“When I give notes it is ‘We’re going to take these notes, then they go back and use those notes to do things like these paper chains that are behind me or made posters.” 

“We talked about the math behind New Year’s Eve and Times Square.”

Gibbs said she picked up a thing or two. “I learned a lot too. I didn’t know how many crystals were on the ball, but now I do. It’s 2,688!” 

"I thoroughly enjoy coming to work and getting to spend my days with these kids. They are so fun. They are still little kids but they're also getting to learn who they are and being their individual selves. So it's fun to get to watch them, especially at the beginning of sixth grade to the end of sixth grade, kind of come into their own personality and figuring out who they are. So, they are a lot of fun," added Gibbs.

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