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Melissa Moore of Athens Intermediate School Named The Valley’s Top Teacher!

"To teach is to touch a life forever," is one quote the Valley's Top Teacher says she loves and strives to live by.
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“To teach is to touch a life forever” is one quote The Valley’s Top Teacher says she loves and strives to live by. Many students say Mrs. Melissa Moore definitely lives up to that message, as Mrs. Moore strives to make a difference in her classroom every day.

Many say, out of all of her wonderful and memorable qualities, Mrs. Moore is best known for her kindness.

In an effort to motivate students in her classroom, Mrs. Moore chants phrases back and forth with each student such as:

“I want to…” 
“I want to…” 
“Do as well…”
“Do as well…”
“Or better than…”
“Or better than…”
“I did last year!”
“I did last year.”

Motivational chants and inspirational quotes are nothing new inside Mrs. Melissa Moore’s sixth grade classroom.

Mrs. Moore says the rituals and messages are designed for one sole purpose: help students reach their fullest potentials.

“We’re getting ready, we’re preparing for ACT aspire,” said Mrs. Moore. “I tell my students is one of the goals is to do as well as or do better than last year.”

The satisfaction Mrs. Moore receives in seeing her students succeed is what keeps Mrs. Moore coming back for more — even after 17 years on the job.

However, Mrs. Moore doesn’t consider teaching a job; she considers teaching a higher calling.

Out of all the wonderful qualities Mrs. Moore possesses, kindness seems to be the most popular characteristic appreciated.

“She is very energetic and competitive,” said student, Cori Glasper. “She helps us get our lesson, especially me. If I don’t understand something, I can always go to her.”

“I love how she really helps you when you struggle with your work,” said student, Troy Young. “She really just wants you to be good.”

Mrs. Moore says she hopes her kind energy will be passed along.

“I want them to take that niceness and equate it to she teaches students not subjects,” said Mrs. Moore. “(I want them to remember) that (I) care enough about them to ensure they are learning.”

As Mrs. Moore looks for the best in each one of her students, she says she hopes they see the best in themselves.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” said Mrs. Moore. “I just try to motivate them by using quotes… the only thing they have control over is themselves, but they can be the best them that they can possibly be.”

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