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Melissa Boyd is the Valley's Top Teacher

Melissa Boyd is a Prime Beginnings Pre-K Inclusion Teacher at Johnson Elementary School.

ATHENS, Ala. — We all have a certain language that unites us whether it be at home, or at work. One teacher says in her classroom, it’s the only way to reach her students.

Meet our Valley’s Top Teacher from Johnson Elementary School, Melissa Boyd!

Here at Johnson Elementary School, Prime Beginnings Pre-K Inclusion Teacher Melissa Boyd teaches with her intuition.

“You've got to find a way into their little hearts and in their little minds in order to help them to understand what they're learning,” said Boyd.

Part of that learning includes curiosity and creativity.

“I use whatever means, whether it's pictures for them to communicate or we use a lot of sign language.”

Boyd teaches with her hands, and also her heart.

“Every child has the ability to learn and I've always set a high bar for learning but every child I've ever taught has not only reached that bar they usually exceed it.”

It’s why when one of the twins in her classroom who started off the school year nonverbal began to speak, after 20 years in education, Boyd knew the past two years in Pre-K was her calling.

“I love pre-K because it's early intervention. It is getting them early and teaching them what they need to succeed for their own and hopefully keep them from having to be in a self-contained classroom being able to work alongside their typical developing peers,” said Boyd.


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