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Maria Taylor is the Valley's Top Teacher

Maria Taylor began her teaching journey in 1999.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — This week's Valley's Top Teacher you’ll meet is beloved by many. They say she goes above and beyond with her students at Jones Valley Elementary School. She has a giving spirit, according to a grandparent of one of the students. And her name is Maria Taylor!

“Today is Tasty Tuesday!,” said Lead Pre-K Teacher Maria Taylor.

It’s just a taste of what she does to get her kids ready for the next level.

“Today we’ve just been learning about the different cups and half-cups and different measurements and they love getting hands-on on everything and measuring,” Taylor said.

“I love Pre-K. It’s my passion. Pre-K is my passion,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s journey at Jones Valley Elementary School began in 1999. She took a liking to Pre-K IN 2015, and became the lead teacher five years ago.

“They just are so interested in their learning and everything that they learn, they are just so excited and they just love every bit of it. And it’s rewarding to see their faces and when they light up when they learn something,” Taylor said.

Her peers say Taylor brings more to the table in addition to counting tasty treats.

“We have students here at Jones Valley up to sixth grade, and we can definitely tell when they come from Ms. Taylor’s class. So she is such a delight to have here,” said Jones Valley Elementary School, Principal Crystal Alexander.

For Taylor, it’s a delight to be here.

“I love my job, and they need me. They need someone that’s in their life. They need that structure, everyday structure,” said Taylor.

She hopes her students have; “Confidence that they can do it, and that they are capable of doing anything, that they are just - they know how smart they are and they know they can do anything they set their minds to,” said Taylor.

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