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Marcia Humphrey wins the Valley’s Top Teacher

All of Mrs. Humphreys students will tell you that reading time is their favorite.
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From teaching second graders to now teaching fifth graders, our Valley’s Top Teacher is leading students through the journey of learning by bringing books to life and sharing the magic of reading.

5th grade Columbia Elementary School teacher Marcia Humphrey was greeted with cheers only fit for a terrific teacher. 

A terrific teacher is someone who… 

“Learns who we are, a terrific teacher is not just teacher, she knows us. And that is the most important things, and I see those, and I go okay,” Mrs. Humphrey says of her board where she has her students write what a terrific teacher does and says. She says it serves a good reminder to her and helps her understand what the kids want from her. 

Mrs. Humphrey has impacted hundreds of students after working nearly 20 years in Madison City Schools and she gets to know each and every one of them. 

“She has always been there for me,” shares her fifth grade student Jefferey Chen. “Even in the most troubling times, you know she always cares.”

All of Mrs. Humphreys students will tell you that reading time is their favorite.

“She like sort of animates it, like when it’s a perilous scene, she talks really fast, and when it is a sad scene she sort of like says it sad,” says her student, Abby Taylor.

“She always adds her personality into it, she can be funny, she can be entertaining, she can anything you want basically,” adds student Jefferey Chen. 

Seeing this love for reading is what Mrs. Humphrey says its all about. 

“I try to do the character parts and I love stopping at a cliff hanger, they hate that part,” laughs Mrs. Humphrey. “They’re like no, no… but it’s recess time, we’ll skip recess!”  

But most importantly, her kids say she teaches them to be a better person.

“Find the person that may be lonely on the playground and let them join your group,” shares Mrs. Humphrey. “Who knows, they may end up being your best friend for life.” 

Mrs. Humphrey is known for her love of her students, reading, and she’s known for one more thing… 

“She’s a huge Tennessee fan for those who actually like Tennessee,” says her student Jefferey Chen. 

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