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Mrs. Leah Travis of Madison Cross Roads Elementary is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Leah Travis has taught at Madison Cross Roads Elementary School for sixteen years.

TONEY, Ala. — People say this teacher's love and dedication is unmatched for who she calls her 'littles', also known as her kindergartners!

She also doesn't plan on leaving this grade anytime soon. Here's our Valley's Top Teacher from Madison Cross Roads Elementary School; Mrs. Leah Travis!

It’s the sweet sixteen for Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Leah Travis.

“Sixteen years, yes; at the same school and the same grade level,” Travis said. “I just love the littles, and I also went to school here, so that makes it special, too,” she added.

Madison Cross Roads Elementary School is her stomping ground. It’s why she’s giving back to the place where she once started and sticking with the little sprouts. “I think their growth and that they're innocent. They're, they love you no matter what. But they come in knowing so little and then their growth, like they’re reading when they leave us. So, it's just I love this grade,” Travis said.

Her principal, Karen Fischer, admires her love for this special bunch. “She's the mentor for new teachers. But the thing that gets my attention about her is every time I go to the ballpark she's there watching her kids play. She is very much a part of their lives, ” said Fischer.

Travis knows sometimes she has to give a lot to the littles. “It does, it does. A lot of patience. So yes, the littles are great.” A trait that’s needed for the challenges ahead. “Challenges would be behaviors. You know, learning how to channel their behavior when they get upset. Or when or using their words,”  Travis said. 

However, it’s what keeps Travis motivated. “I love a challenge. I welcome that.”

“So, you know, no, I'm just honored for this reward like, it was a great surprise. Yes, and an honor. So I appreciate it,” Travis said.


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