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Lane Hampton Wins The Valley’s Top Teacher

Mrs. Hampton has been teaching for almost 44 years.
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Most folks at Crestline Elementary School in Hartselle can’t imagine a time when their school did not have our Valley’s Top Teacher.

Lane Hampton has been teaching for over four decades, caring for the students who she says are all like her very own grandchildren.

Reading time is just one of the reasons that students say Lane Hampton’s classroom is their favorite place to be.  

“She’s nice and she’s pretty funny, and I like her,” says Liam, a third grade student. 

“She’s very happy, exciting, and fun,” smiles third grader, Chloe. “She likes to talk to people.”

Mrs. Hampton is a Resource Teacher at Crestline Elementary School and works with students who have Individualized Education Plans.

She starts class everyday by asking the kids how their day is going. 

“Kids are so important, kids need somebody just to pay a little bit of attention to them and say okay what did you do this afternoon,” shares Lane Hampton. “As opposed to let’s hurry up we got to get in the bathtub.”

Mrs. Hampton has been at Crestline Elementary in Hartselle for almost 40 years and has been teaching for 44, inspiring not only her students, but also other educators.

“We always like to say we want to be Mrs. Hampton when we grow up because she is the epitome of when you think of an educator who is going to go above and beyond to make sure her children have what they need,” says Karissa Lang, the Principal of Crestline Elementary School. 

Mrs. Hampton says God made everyone different and each person has a different way of achieving success. She believes her job is to help kids find that confidence. 

“I remember one little boy, we worked for so long on just him writing his name,” remembers Mrs. Hampton. “And when he finally did it, it just, we were all just boohooing. I called his mother, she came up there, the whole nine yards, just writing his name!”

It’s moments like that one that keep Mrs. Hampton coming back to watch her kids grow.

It seems she is spreading the type of love that only Mrs. Hampton can create. 

“She loves them, and loves them dearly,” explain Principal Lang. “She would do anything for her children.”

“We love Mrs. Hampton,” adds Chloe, the third grader. 

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