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Krista Hunter is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Krista Hunter has been teaching for 23 years.

MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA, Ala. — One teacher got through the learning curve of teaching virtually. In fact, she’s taking the role full-on because she believes there is a need for it. Many say she’s gone above and beyond, particularly during the peak of the pandemic.

Meet this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher from Madison County Virtual Academy, Krista Hunter!

Hunter has taught for 23 years and two years ago made a pivot to virtual learning. “I felt like it was kind of a challenge, and I felt like there was a need there,” said Hunter.

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Hunter worked with students virtually when they had the option during COVID, before taking on the task permanently. “I guess our bigger challenges was, for example, just making sure that the kids were getting what they needed with me right here and then on a screen, so I kind of it was kind of like, trial and error kind of thing at first, because I wanted to make sure that they got the full experience that kids in the classroom are getting as well,” she said.

Hunter says she gets to see her students online and in person. “I do connect with kids virtually but I do have kids that come in small groups. So I kind of get the best of both worlds because I still get kids that come in here and I work with small groups every single day.”

She believes despite us moving past the pandemic, there is still a place for virtual learning.

“I see that there's definitely a place for virtual learning. And I see that we kind of have broken that barrier where kids really can, you know, do school from home. And I think that's been a big impact as well”

No matter from one side of the screen to the other, helping kids learn is what drives Hunter every day. “Just the fact that I love the kids and I treat my kids at school, how my own kids are treated? 

“Basically at the end of the day, kids want to know that you care. If they know you care, then they're willing to put forth extra effort,” added Hunter.


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