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Kathryn Montgomery is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Kathryn Montgomery has been teaching for 10 years!

KILLEN, Ala — When she's off the field from coaching her girls to swing a bat, she's at the board taking her eighth grade students around the globe in the comfort of her classroom.

Meet this week's Valley's Top Teacher from Brooks High School, Kathryn Montgomery!

It’s been ten years in the game for the 8th Grade World History Teacher.

“I started teaching because I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid. My grandmother was a teacher, my grandaddy was a teacher so I have teaching in my family,” Montgomery said.

She’s a leader in the class and as a Brooks High School softball coach.

“I knew I wanted to be a coach when I started to play ball,” Montgomery said.

Some of those skills she's taught in sports is coming back full circle in her class. “I think that teamwork and learning how to work in a team atmosphere and working with people is just a wonderful opportunity everyday and a great platform,” Montgomery said.

Principal Jeff Burbank says she’s the best of both worlds. “Couldn't be more proud of Coach Montgomery. A fantastic classroom teacher, fantastic softball coach. She is one of those special - she's got the gift!” said Burbank.

Accountability is something Montgomery hopes her students uphold. “My major basis is to teach kids what’s going to be the best avenue for them kind of in life and to make best decisions and horrible decisions and to do your best at all times, even when you might not necessarily be totally interested or totally energetic or totally involved, but we still have an expectation and a standard to meet.”

What gives Montgomery motivation to wake up every day to teach and coach, is her purpose. “I definitely believe in God, and I believe that he's put us on this earth for a reason and so I get up every day with that purpose because I believe that my calling is to reach out to kids or to guide them and lead them in every way that I can. And so I try to wake up with that fire and passion to fulfill that every day.”

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