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Christie O'Connor is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. O'Connor has been teaching in Huntsville City Schools for the past 26 years.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For the past 26 years Mrs. Christie O'Connor has been teaching in Huntsville City Schools, and there is one thing that always keeps her coming back.

"The kids, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the joy, the learning, the kids," smiles Christie O'Connor, the Valley's Top Teacher.

Her kindergartners and fellow teachers at Weatherly Heights Elementary School know Mrs. O'Connor for her bubbly personality and positive attitude.

"There is never a time where you don't see her without a smile," shares Karen Melillo, the Principal of Weatherly Heights Elementary. "She walks in the door first thing in the morning with that energy that she is just excited to be here, and she is excited to see her kids and to see them learning."

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"I treat every year like my first year, with enthusiasm and excitement, and just ready for them to walk through the door," explains Mrs. O'Connor.

With the start of the school year being virtual, Mrs. O'Connor made it a point to grow relationships with her kids and their families by having one-on-one zoom calls. She says making sure her kids feel comfortable is worth the extra time and effort.

"It is so important to show them that we care about them and love them, and know that they can come to me if they need me, that I am here for them," shares Mrs. O'Connor.

She says her number one goal is to get her kids to have a lifelong love of learning.

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"I want them to feel excited, I want them to leave excited," exclaims Mrs. O'Connor. "The most important thing I tell my parents is that I want them to have a love for school, so when they walk in my room and walk out everyday, they will want to come back."

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