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Faith Plunkett Wins The Valley’s Top Teacher

When you were an elementary student did you ever have an entertainment and technology class? At Monte Sano Elementary, that's the class they love ...

When you were in Elementary School did you ever have an entertainment and technology class?

A place where you could learn video games and create computer programming with your friends?

That’s actually what students work on in Miss Faith Plunkett’s classroom.

The Valley’s Top Teacher tells me her curriculum is all about the future.

Bright robots, colorful video games, and cool computer programming tools fill Miss Faith Plunkett’s classroom.

“My goal is to teach kids to be creative, to be innovators, and to use the technology that they’re learning about in a really cool way,” said Miss Plunkett.

“I love technology,” said student, McKenzie Comer. “I want to do something with technology when I grow up.”

In Miss Plunkett’s classroom, students get to learn debugging, algorithms, video game design, robotics, electricity, 3D printing, prototypes, and green screen animation. 

“We want our kids to be creators, not just consumers,” said Miss Plunket. “So to have a job where kids can make and create everyday using technology is so fascinating.”

Students even play with wires, gadgets and aluminum foil to create Haunted House through electricity.

“Every time they touched a different aspect of the haunted house, it would play a different sound,” said Miss Plunkett.

Students say they love coming to Miss Plunkett’s classroom.

They say they love the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“She is very nice, sweet and very patient,” said student, Sophia Thompson.

“She is nice and helpful,” said student, Sy Dunkerson.

 “She teaches us technology, how to make programs, about robots and so much more,” said student, Campbell Click.

“I like that she’s funny, nice and helpful when you need it,” said Comer.

Miss Plunkett says she loves watching students become problem solvers and producers: skills our world needs.

“So we’re preparing them for a world that we don’t know what it looks like,” said Miss Plunkett. “So I’m happy to prepare them for the cyber security skills and technology skills.”

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