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Cindy Waite Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Cindy Waite of Mill Creek Elementary is this week's Valley's Top Teacher.
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Mrs. Cindy Waite strives to make learning fun for her students, and makes it a point everyday to make sure her students feel loved.

School’s out for the day, and the first graders in Mrs. Waite’s class are lining up for their end of day ritual.

“Let’s get ready for the hall,” she sings with her students. “Are you ready for the hall?”

“I like to hug everyone as they’re leaving for the day just so that everyone knows as the last thing when they leave for the day is that my teacher loved me,” said Mrs. Waite.

That’s the ritual whether it’s been a good day or a bad day, she said.

“Singing is a huge part of first grade. They like to move. So we try to sing and dance several times throughout the day,” explained Mrs. Waite.

Not only does it keep her kids engaged, she says that it helps them learn.

“The most important strategy I could ever teach them is to be kind and love everyone and be the kind of person they ought to be,” said Mrs. Waite.

“Mrs. Waite is the kind of teacher you’d want your own kids to have. She becomes invested in them and she takes such good care of what she calls her babies,” said Carmen Buchanan, the school’s principal.

At the end of the day, there is something she hopes her students always remember for having been a student in her classroom.

“Most importantly, I hope that when they’re in middle school and when they’re in high school and adults that they will remember that I always loved them and cared about them.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Waite! Thank you for the difference you’re making in young peoples lives in our community.