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Bryan Massey Wins The Valley’s Top Teacher

Mr. Massey motivates his students by having the band play upbeat tunes and bringing energy into the classroom.
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You will hear drums, trombones, laughing, and even some yelling when you walk by Mr. Massey’s band room.

“I had a girl play clarinet in sixth grade today, made a sound for the first time,” smiles Mr. Massey. “I was the loudest one in the room, so excited. When they nail a good part in the music, you can ask them, I’m jumping up and down, I’m moving, I’m screaming.”

It’s Mr. Massey’s first year at Madison County High School and he has already brought a new type of fun to the classroom, with a focus on a pure love of music and upbeat tunes. 

“There’s a lot more power to even a pop song, having fun, feeling that energy in an audience, than just playing notes,” explains Mr. Massey. 

His students say he definitely brings the energy.

“He’s very enthusiastic,” shares 8th grade band student, Nathan Sanders. “Like he’ll start playing with us, and he gets super into it, it’s super fun.”

“I think he definitely likes rock music,” laughs senior band student, Amelia Patrick. “He’s really into stuff like that, he has done a lot of cool stuff in the past and he brings that energy into us and gets us excited about everything.”

Mr. Massey says his life has been changed by the power of music and he wants to give his students the opportunity to be changed by music, as well.

“I want the world to hear these kids, so I am trying to push them, and take them places, and show them off because these kids can play and they deserve to be heard,” says Mr. Massey. 

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