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Brandon Broughton is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Brandon Broughton has taught at Madison County High School for 18 years.

GURLEY, Ala. — This Madison County High School teacher goes by ‘Coach B’, and he juggles many hats, from his coaching cap to maybe even a hard hat.

He does it all! He's an agri-science instructor and he is this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher.

Meet Mr. Brandon Broughton!

It’s engagement that drives Broughton’s class. “Took on my teaching philosophy as you know, if I can relate to the student then the student can relate to me,” Broughton said.

Broughton’s love for agri-science at Madison County High School began through his father who was an ag-teacher for 30-plus years. Broughton’s taught for 18 years. 

“I came here to A&M in 2000 and got an ag-education degree and I done my student-teaching here, and I was lucky enough to continue my education career here in the same building.”

His love for teaching extends into his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. It’s where he also shares his talents.

“[I] Show them how to build a birdhouse. Show the proper way to use some of the small equipment that we can take out.”

Broughton knows that even a hands-on industry, uses a touch of technology too. “We can see how technology has incorporated into what we use on a CNC router. You know, setting up programs on a computer. So, I tried to get my whole different aspect of everything so they can be able to go out and be successful if they decide to take the trade route.” 

So it’s no surprise that change is inevitable in this industry, even within the school.

“You know, when I first started here, it was more of a rural type setting. And then, then it kind of became more urbanized. You saw the development coming in. So I went from the students kind of maybe working on a farm to really understand hey, these are the things that happen on the farm,” Broughton said.

Regardless of whatever route his student take, it's the sense of pride he wants them to leave with. “I want to do something that I can give a kid something to have for the rest of their life and teach them a trade. The things that we're doing here from residential wiring to welding, to construction. It gives them a sense of having something that someone can’t take from them,” Broughton said.

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