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Anita Towe Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Anita Towe, who has been teaching for more than 14 years, says that the students in her reading and math intervention class at Austinville Elementary ...
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Anita Towe says that the students in her reading and math intervention class have a special place in her heart, and that she is living out her calling as a teacher at Austinville Elementary.

On Friday afternoon, students in Ms. Towe’s class are learning about plant life. They’re working on their reading skills and also getting a little creative. Preparation and discipline are keys in her classroom, but there’s also another important ingredient.

“Have some fun with it, toss some ideas around and not just make it the same thing everyday,” said Ms. Towe.

Love and grace are also important in her classroom.

“When you come to Ms. Towe’s classroom, you know you’re loved,” she said. “And you know you’re loved no matter what you do. If you make a mistake it’s okay. I like for them to know that if you make a mistake then you go on. You learn from it.”

There is one thing she said she does that is of utmost importance for her students.

“I make sure they know that I believe in them — that they can do it, and I have to build that confidence,” Ms. Towe explained. “Sometimes they come in here, and they think they can’t do it so they don’t even try, and I try to find one thing they can do and build up on that to give them the confidence they need.” 

It is not only bringing out their confidence, but encouraging them to dream about their futures…

“What I want to be when I grow up is I want to be a firefighter and go in the fire,” said Sutton.

Lindsey said, ” I would like to be a teacher.”

Congratulations Ms. Towe, and thank you for serving our community!