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Amy Hall Wins The Valley’s Top Teacher

Amy Hall has always wanted to be a teacher, just like her late mother. The Valley's Top Teacher says she strives to emulate her mother and make a difference.
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When you step inside Mrs. Amy Hall’s classroom, you’ll find second graders listening intently to one of their favorite teachers.

“She’s sweet and amazing,” said student, Bailee Ridgeway. “She makes us have fun and she teaches us how to do everything if you don’t know how to do it.”

“She’s always happy,” said another student, Mollie Griodl.

The Valley’s Top Teacher has spent twenty-seven years of her life in a classroom. She says the reason she’s so passionate about teaching is simple; she loves children.

“Kids are the best,” said Mrs. Amy Hall. “They have the best ideas. They’re just fun to be with.”

Mrs. Hall says she strives to teach her kids to be good people, and to show them that she truly cares.

“I think you have to love them, let them know you’re invested in them, that they’re important to you, and that you value them and what they have to say,” said Mrs. Hall.

“She’s always there for us when we need her, and she always helps us learn,” said student, Lily Middlebrooks.

Mrs. Hall says she always keeps her late mother in mind.

“She was an incredible teacher,” said Hall. “She loved her job. She was very dedicated. I’m just proud to be her kid and she’s my hero.”

Students say they can tell Mrs. Hall truly cares.

“That she gives us cool sheets and she’s really nice,” said Girodl.

“She makes it fun for us to come to school,” said student, Caleb Garcia.

Mrs. Hall makes an effort to tell each one of her students that she loves them, every single day.

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