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Amber Murray is the Valley's Top Teacher!

Amber Murray says she's giving back to the town she grew up in through education.
Credit: TEG

TOWN CREEK, Ala. — Amber is her name and math is her game!

This math coach at Hazlewood Elementary School finds joy in helping her students with numbers, and she gets a bit creative with it.

Meet this week's Valley's Top Teacher from Town Creek, Amber Murray!

In Murray's class, math is her specialty and her strategy.

"I actually help teachers with their tier one instruction, to improve it so they'll be less students in tier two and tier three instruction," said the AMSTI Teacher In Residence Math Coach.

Murray said she is there to serve. What initially inspired her was nursing, but that road would lead to the classroom. "I've always been the one, the mothering type. Always, the kids would come around. Even when I was younger I always babysat a lot."

"This is my third year being a teacher in residence," said Murray.

However, the role of teaching is not her first rodeo. "This is my 21st year teaching. Yes, I'm old! "

Her principal, Chris Lewis, said she's willing to roll up her sleeves and get to work. "She's a great example of what is necessary in the field of education right now," said Lewis.

"She works hard. She's consistent, she loves the kids and has a great relationship with them and she's just willing to get in there and get gritty," Lewis added.

For Murray, her love for the work she does, goes a long way.

"I love my job. I love all my staff. I love my principal. I love everyone that I work with, and I love all of these kids. They are so funny I could write a book of all the things. We have fun. We have fun in learning. I tell them there's a time and place for everything, we gotta do our work, we also have to learn at the same time," said Murray.

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