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New CDC guidelines for schools sparking debates across the U.S.

New CDC guidelines for schools are out, but it's sparking a lot of debate with coronavirus still surging in some states.

New CDC guidance out on schools offers information on how to keep children and staff safe, and what to do if someone inside tests positive. 

It describes the importance of in-person instruction, and how schools help develop the whole child. 

But ultimately, the guidance is designed for individual administrators to make the decision. 

"You have to look at it not just by individual states, but by individual municipalities."

It also suggests cohorting, where the same students and staff are kept together for a predetermined period of time, and only interact with people in that cohort. 

"We certainly know from other studies that children under 10 do get infected, it's just unclear how rapidly they spread the virus."

A new Fox News polls shows voters' opinions range from in-person, to hybrid, to fully-remote instruction. 

President Trump is continuing his push to reopen. 

Thursday he cited McKinsey and Company which says of lost classroom time: "the hurt could last a lifetime."

The study states: "Learning loss will probably be greatest among low-income, black, and hispanic students." 

But he's now taking a softer approach, and says the final decision about openings should be made locally. 

"The responsible path is to shelter those at highest risk while allowing those at lower risk much lower in the case of young children to resume work at school."

President Trump says he wants Congress to provide $105 billion dollars to schools in the next coronavirus relief package, for safety and mitigation efforts.

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