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Huntsville City Schools launching COVID-19 Impact Report

Families can go online and see how COVID-19 is impacting facilities and personnel.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City Schools (HCS) has launched a COVID-19 Facility Impact Report page at huntsvillecityschools.org/covid.

It's part of the district's efforts to be transparent about COVID-19.

According to the district, the page will be updated frequently to identify schools and facilities where individuals have been who test positive for COVID-19. 

They say these reports will only pertain to individuals who

  • test positive 
  • have a potential impact on others at a school or facility

Incidents in which a person who is associated with a school tests positive but has not been on campus, such as a student engaging in remote learning, will not be included.

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HCS personnel will respond to positive cases on a case-by-case basis following guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health. Some situations and conditions may warrant a school closure and temporary transition to remote learning.

Safety procedures for each positive case may include: 

  • the impacted individual self-quarantining
  • disinfecting occurring at the campus
  • any persons with a direct exposure to a person testing positive for COVID-19 self-isolating in accordance with guidelines from the ADPH

A direct exposure is classified as any person within 6 feet of an impacted individual for at least 15 minutes.

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In the event of a positive case, everyone with potential exposure will be notified directly. Several schools where impacted individuals have been recently include Chaffee Elementary, Jemison High, Highlands Elementary, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary.

All traditional students will engage in remote learning during the first nine weeks of school, starting on August 17.