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Development poised to change the landscape of NW Huntsville

Huntsville's District 1 City Councilman outlined projects like upscale community complexes, new housing, and fancy parks, aimed at making that part of ...
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Big developments are in the works to change the face of north west Huntsville.

On Tuesday night Huntsville’s District 1 City Councilman Devyn Keith outlined multiple construction projects aimed at making that part of town the place to be. This means now fully-funded projects like upscale community complexes, new housing, and fancy parks. The area has lagged behind in development and the councilman says that all changes now.

Older buildings are being turned into the fancy community centers and parks like Council High and Berachah are getting a facelift.

“What that campus is gonna look like, it’s gonna be immensely beautiful,” Keith said. “High quality, the aesthetics will be something you’ve never seen before, calisthenics park, which we don’t have in the city.”

The old Johnson High School will come down and be redone as a membership-only facility. Keith says the goal is to build something sustainable and attractive.

“You want to have a property that doesn’t have to be redone or reused, as somebody mentioned, 25 years, 10 years from now,” he said. “But also again the aesthetic quality is the standard of the city of Huntsville. You go to the natatorium, any swimmer around the state will tell you there’s no nicer natatorium.”

Keith says the old school is around the size of two Walmarts. The hallways that used to be filled with students are now being used by the Huntsville Police and Huntsville Fire and Rescue Training Academies, but they only use a small part of the building.

Plans for the new North Huntsville Public Library property include redeveloping the entire landscape. The business landscape is posed to change too, when the North Huntsville Business Association officially moves in.  

“I’m excited about the district and the future of the district and where we’re going,” said Willie Love, who lives in the district. “There’s not any one particular thing that drives it forward. I think it’s overall the strategy that we have going forward for the future.”

Folks are ready for their property values to go up.

Police also discussed how the new Neighborhood Resource Center is helping keep the community safe.