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Determined Huntsville mom chases down thieves

A local mother takes justice into her own hands after finding out her kid's wallets and cell phones were stolen.

A local mother takes justice into her own hands after finding out her kid’s wallets and cell phones were stolen. 

A mother on a mission. A woman and her colleagues chased down two men on North Memorial Parkway, who had just stolen her daughter’s iPhones and wallet out her car. 

“They left both cellphones, plus wallet on the front seat of the car,” explained Loretta Largo.

Loretta Largo’s daughter called her saying, thieves had gotten away with her belongings and to track them using an app. Once Largo saw the iPhones headed down Governors Drive, she jumped into action, with her colleagues in toe.

“So without thinking, I said someone stole Amber and Charity’s phones, I’m going after them. We all jumped in the car and off we went,” Largo said.  

Largo used the Life 360 app to follow the thieves. The location sharing app allows you to track people in real time. It led them to a cell phone repair shop on Governors Drive.

“While we were inside the store a gentleman came up to Kira and asked her if she wanted to buy two brand new iPhones and Kira’s response was, ‘hey you shouldn’t have them, they’re my brokers phones,” Largo explained.

The suspects took off again, but Largo was still in hot pursuit. “I was going for the license that’s all I saw. I saw red,” she said. 

They ended up at a gas station on Jordan Lane. The items were recovered and the thieves were taken into custody. Largo was most concerned about having her children’s personal information in the hands of criminals. 

“I would’ve gladly given up the phones, I just didn’t want to give up my child’s safety. Sometimes a mama bear’s gotta do, what a mama bear’s gotta do,” she said. 

Largo credits the Life 360 app for helping catch the criminals and recommends parents download the app for added piece of mind.