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Death investigation in Hazel Green, Alabama considered unusual by investigators

The police presence in Hazel Green on Thursday surrounded the investigation into the death of William Vickers, Jr.
Deputies investigate mysterious death near Hazel Green- AL_04613173

Students were just getting home from school just as the Madison County coroner arrived at a home on Atwilder Drive in Hazel Green to remove the body of William Vickers Jr.,

Many had a lot of questions about the police presence here for most of Thursday.

Several relatives and neighbors of Vickers Jr., 57, said they wished they could have avoided having to explain this scene to their children.

“It’s to keep them innocent,” said Kristen Petty, who lives across the street from the crime scene with her fiance and his children. “I woke up this morning and looked out the window. The whole block was blocked off with police.”

Deputies who spent several hours on scene, had not concluded whether the death was accidental, intentional or drug-related.

Investigators say Vickers Jr.’s body was found inside the home upon EMS’s arrival, but they are not certain whether the death happened inside or outside.

Captain Michael Salomonsky, of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, said the family’s accounts events leading up to Thursday may help them figure out how Vickers Jr. died.

“We don’t think it’s a suicide at this time,” Salomonsky said. “There are a few other factors which have taken place over the last several days with regard to this individual that warrant us doing an investigation.”

Currently, deputies are checking with neighbors to see if any cameras in the area were pointed at the home and captured video.

The technical cause of death has not been released.

According to a press release from the coroner’s office, an autopsy will be performed on Vickers Jr.’s body on Friday.